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XTR43SI - Advanced System Management with IBM Director

IBM Slovenija d. o. o.

IBM Slovenija d. o. o.
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Learn how to install and use its basic features. Learn to use IBM Director to lower your organization's total cost of ownership. Through hands-on labs, learn how to install, configure, and customize IBM Director to use it to manage a networked business environment.  Learn the components and features of IBM Director to help effectively plan, design, and implement IBM Director into a network environment that includes Linux and VM Ware ESX Server.  Implementation of IBM Director into a network environment enables IBM eServer xSeries individuals to optimally manage their hardware.


Individuals who have purchased xSeries servers or are planning to purchase xSeries servers for their environment. IBM Business Partners who sell and maintain xSeries servers.

IBM employees who use IBM Director or provide support for IBM Director and xSeries server.


  • Prior to taking this course, you should complete one of the following courses:
  • IBM eServer xSeries Technical Principles, XTR01G (or the web based course IBM eServer xSeries Technical Principles, XTW01G)
  • IBM eServer xSeries Technical Principles with Windows Performance Tuning, XTR40G
  • IBM eServer xSeries Technical Principles with Linux Performance Tuning, XTR41G


After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Accurately determine the number and size of IBM Director management servers required for various customer environments
  • Understand and be able to articulate the different IBM Director management functions available, based on the customer environment and operating system
  • Demonstrate the ability to configure IBM Director in various customer environments using accepted best practices
  • Develop and execute an optimal deployment strategy based on customer environment and requirements for systems management
  • Understand customer requirements and design and implement a systems management environment that satisfies those requirements
  • Demonstrate methods for designing and deploying systems management systems given various representative customer network topologies
  • Understand and describe the capabilities of IBM Director to integrate with the various enterprise-level management systems
  • Installing and customizing IBM Director Services on Microsoft Windows and Linux operating system
  • Install IBM Director Server, Agent and Console
  • Configure and Enable Management Privileges
  • Web-based Access to Director Managed Systems
  • Compile and analyze remote client assets
  • Update IBM Director Software Dictionary
  • Create Reports from Remote Clients
  • Manage IBM Director Server from a IBM Director Console
  • Configure, and customize IBM Director to manage a networked business environment

Ključne teme  

  • Planning and sizing
  • Configuring IBM Director
  • IBM Director Sever Plus Pack
  • Functional comparisons with other operating systems
  • IBM Blade Center Support
  • IBM Director Aurema Workload Manager Support
  • Installing and customizing IBM Director
  • Collecting asset information for analysis
  • Remote Network Configuration
  • Monitor Critical Files
  • Configuring alerts and alert response actions
  • Using IBM Director tools for remote administration, problem determination, and problem resolution

This course includes practical hands on labs